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NamiQ AI joins openbank project eco-systems

We are pleased to announce that  NamiQ is eligible to participate in the OpenBank Project ecosystem! 

NamiQ AI  joins  Open Banking Project Ecosystem  to expand its products and services to banks and fin-tech in Europe and bring Open Banking API to Vietnam.

Berlin (January 19, 2021) -? The OpenBankProject (OBP) project  , the leading open source API solution for banks  today announced NamiQ AI as the newest member  of  the OBP ecosystem.

NamiQ AI  is an innovative startup that aims to redefine how online banks and stores interact with customers by combining the analytical power and efficiency of AI with the power of their children. people. 

Their vision?  Customer experience is personalized, predictable and easy.

Mr. Hung Le, CEO of NamiQ said, “We are delighted to join the growing ecosystem with the Open Bank Project to bring the new generation of banking APIs to Vietnam and also to  NamiQ Smart CIM –   AI-Powered  customer  interaction management  for customers around the world. This event will expand the supply network of the Open Bank Project to financial institutions and fin-tech in Vietnam – a country with a high growth rate in Southeast Asia”.    

About OpenBankProject

Led by Berlin-based software company TESOBE, the Open Banking Project is the leading open source API solution for banks, allowing financial institutions to rapidly and securely enhance transactions. their digital services. The Open Bank project assists banks in implementing open banking platforms by providing access to more than 350 standardized APIs, used by more than 11,000 developers worldwide.

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About NamiQ AI

An innovative, leading technology startup that transforms customer experience. NamiQ AI provides   AI-Powered customer interaction management solution to transform the way the operation of customer services or sales center  and interactive digital and security by cooperation between the workforce Mobility is powered by AI and the human workforce.  

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