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NamiQ AI with ambition to apply artificial intelligence to bring customer experience from offline to online



According to statistics from Salesforce US – the largest corporation in the world for CRM platforms, 59% of digital customers have become more difficult in the online environment during the pandemic. and in the new normal. Digital customers want a quick, instant response (83%) on a variety of communication channels, especially messages (76%) with a high level of understanding (65%).

But, up to 79% of the center’s Customer service was hit again by the pandemic as they lacked the resources to respond to online customers. Employees have to work from home when interactive tools and utilities are not ready. This leads to delays, lost customers, and lost orders.

Grasping that challenge, NamiQ AI – a technology startup was founded right after the second outbreak in Vietnam with the ambition of applying artificial intelligence to bring offline customer experience online. Subsequently, it helps businesses to transform the customer interaction model for effective engagement in the digital environment.

Currently, NamiQ develops 2 sets of customer interaction solutions specialized for 2 industries: E-commerce and Finance.

NamiQ Conversational Commerce:
Conversational commerce (C-Commerce) platform using NamiQ’s artificial intelligence to connect businesses, online/offline stores, and end customers through AI virtual workforces.

The system automates conversations with customers and coordinates with employees to scale up sales for the store by multiple times. It is building and optimally exploiting the customer base.  
Provide a breakthrough digital transformation platform with a suite of applications for all employees and business owners built on a comprehensively integrated data system.

NamiQ AI-Powered Banking Assistant:
A virtual banking assistant (Financial Robo) that helps customers interact with the digital banking system to perform tasks with accounts and transfers. Provide customer-friendly advice to optimize the personal experience and cash flow.

NamiQ customer interaction solution not only applies artificial intelligence (natural language processing technology, image recognition) to bring a different experience to consumers but also provides a conversion platform. digital tools, streamlined processes, and a seamless customer data platform for businesses to improve operational and business efficiency.

(C-Commerce) Conversational Commerce and Financial Robo are not new in Europe and America, but new to the Vietnamese market, customers are still conservative about the effectiveness and reliability when communicating with AI, so NamiQ has difficulty in educating and approaching the market.
In addition, the working habits of employees in enterprises also need to change to adapt to collaborate with AI workforces in internal and external processes to improve and optimize the efficiency of the system. system when using NamiQ technology.

During the product launch process, NamiQ encountered many difficulties in approaching B2B customers. The commercialization of new technology products is extremely difficult when businesses absorb sales and profits due to the epidemic despite being well aware of the role of digital transformation.

As an emerging startup, but with the vision of the team and early engagement with the VIC incubator – represented by Mr. Hoang Minh Ngoc Hai, the startup has achieved great success. Remarkable achievements

  • Products have been accepted and become innovation partners of large organizations such as Openbank projects and large retail groups in Ho Chi Minh City in the fields of industry, fashion, cosmetics
  • Increased revenue more than 5 times within half a year of product launch.
    Widely connected with the incubator’s portfolio to trade digital products together.

Interview with NamiQ’s CEO about the companion story

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