E-Learning in Metaverse

Virtual Reality spaces engage students in an immersive learning experience

Virtual Reality

Provide college students with the most cutting-edge technology to innovate, learn, and train their skills in customized virtual classrooms with interactive 3D content. The E-Learning Virtual Reality environment has been designed to bring teachers and students together in the same space, where students learn flexibly and put their knowledge into practice through completely immersive lessons

Customized Immersive Classes

Customized Immersive Classes

Create, share, and interact with students in a tailored virtual space

AI Assistant

AI Assistant

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques can help students as well as tutors across the learning process within an e-learning virtual reality platform

Realistic Interactive Avatars

Realistic Interactive Avatars

Educators and students interact through natural 3D avatars

Reporting and tracking

Reporting and tracking

Track and evaluate each student's learning progress

How E-Learning Virtual Reality works?

The most intuitive and easy-to-use virtual application


The user joins the virtual reality space

Through virtual reality goggles, students and educators enter into the customized application life

The student interacts with the 3D content

Once the student connects to the APP, he/she starts to practice simulations to have a better understanding of topics

Get reports and metrics for each student

Know the progression of each student by accessing time and performance metrics in the simulated environment

Why use Virtual Reality?

VR training quickly became more cost-effective, making it a smart proposition for businesses and schools.

350 %

4X increased student concentration

Makes the student pay more attention during learning

At their own pace, in or out of the classroom

Students can connect from anywhere

350 %

4X faster than classroom training

Speeds up the learning curve by getting them to learn 4X faster

Track your student’s progress

Track your student’s progress

325 %

3.75X more emotionally connected to the content

Generates positive emotions in learners during the learning process



What we do matters.

  • Experiential learning
  • Simulating real situations of use or emergency
  • Repetition of processes for correct learning
  • Including gamification dynamics in the experience
  • Reduce risks in the processes
  • Leading positioning through technological innovation


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