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Metaverse Showroom

Lead the advantage of applying new technologies to increase sale volume & unlock new opportunities.
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New Horizon of Presenting & Selling Real Estate

Selling real estate products always take time and is costly to close a deal. NamiQ solution transforms the way real-estate developers present their projects and services to customers not only locally but oversea in an intimate and impressive way that is outstanding in the market.

AI-Powered Metaverse technology
Conversational AI for e-commerce
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Remove the Constraints of Physical Showrooms

Showrooms are the front face of any production and retail company. But the physical showroom has never had enough for businesses to deliver products and inspiration to their customer. Our solution brings additional thousands of virtual space with unlimited creativity to maximize experience of your customers.

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Boost Interactions with AI Assistant

NamiQ provides AI-Powered Customer Interaction Management to enable online store and digital bank customer service centers to operate digitally and safely by combining the capabilities of AI-powered Agents and human agents.

In the Metaverse space, AI helps onboarding users to the new world smoothly. Provide personalized guidance for customers to enjoy their digital escape journey.

Immersive Showroom

Lead the new trend and unlock new opportunities for your business with immersive showroom