NamiQ Customer Interaction Suite

It is a Digital Platform which combines multiple applications to take care all key stakeholders like customers, employees and business owners to deliver exceptional interaction to enhance customer services.

NamiQ Face

An AI-Powered Digital Agent which lets customers engage naturally, timely, and help themselves more efficiently.

By integrating closely to the business, business process could be automated fully for a higher customer satisfaction.

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NamiQ Center

Digital Agent Operation Center to make customer interactions manageable and their satisfaction measurable. Providing Real time data analysis for Data-driven decision making or quick incident resolution.

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NamiQ Workspace

Collaboration workspace which enables Human Agent and Virtual Agent collaborate easily to get the job done quickly, more productive. Its key role is supporting Human Agent by enhancing their digital experience, improving their productivity and leverage WFH for their safety.

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NamiQ eKYC

Providing technology that authenticates the face of the person and the face image on the ID card with high accuracy, spoofing countermeasures are also taken.


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