NamiQ Customer Interaction Platform in Online Retail​

It is a Digital Platform which combines multiple applications to take care all key stakeholders like customers, employees and business owners to deliver exceptional interaction to enhance customer services.


NamiQ Sales

Boost your brand sales with Hyper-personalization

  • Instance Response
  • Massive support
  • Business Focus
  • Engage naturally
  • Highly Adaptable
  • Faster Value Realization

NamiQ After Sales

Build a loyal customer base with a 24/7 customer-centric approach to your business

  • Automated Re-marketing
  • Instance Response
  • Overall Care
  • Mobility
  • Highly Adaptable
  • Faster Value Realization

NamiQ Workspace

Increase employee productivity and allow for focus on innovation by freeing up time through automation

  • Employee centric
  • Higher accuracy
  • Instance Response
  • Mobility
  • Secure
  • Customer insightful 

NamiQ Center

Integrated Operation Center to make customer interactions manageable and their satisfaction measurable. Providing Real time data analysis for Data-driven decision making or quick incident resolution.

  • Instance incident resolution
  • Realtime predictive analysis
  • Realtime performance management
  • Data-driven
  • Timely
  • Secure

New force from AI

Hyper Personalization in Online Retail

Deep-level personalization in retail is all about creating micro-moments for your customers.

  • Multi channel active interaction
  • Automatically generate customer data
  • Automatically complete purchases
  • Intelligent advise according to the situation
  • Proactive offers based on customer behavior


What We Do

TOGETHER conquer new sales records every day


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Our Strategic Partners

Our vision is to make it simple for our partners to do business with their clients by redefining how artificial intelligence and human insight enable personalized, predictive and effortless customer experiences.

The intelligence of Namiq AI, makes our platform ready to meet the demanding requirements of major partners in many fields such as Industry, Engineering, Fashion, Cosmetics, Food… and bring many impressive emotions in many online shopping situations for customers

B2bmart - Namiq

Choosing BiQ (B2B+NamiQ) as a low-cost connection consulting solution, thereby reducing product costs is a breakthrough step of in the era of digital transformation.

NamiQ AI is a trusted AI solution partner for Conversational AI, Digital Customer Services for eShop, Fintech, Edtech.

NamiQ’s platform is bringing highly personalized with effortless customer experiences on digital environment. ​


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