NamiQ CloudCare365 Platform

CloudCare365 is designed to build a holistic view of customers by their specific behaviors across the entire customer lifecycle from data points collated across various sources in your marketing, sales, and services environment.
CloudCare365 builds the customer journey to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, and implements hyper-personalized omnichannel communication that’s completely tailored to customer preferences and behaviors.

How CloudCare365 Platform Works

Complete Online & Offline data integration and execution across all AI-powered marketing channels

cloud care 365 platform

What We Do

Behavioral Tracking

  • CloudCare365 identifies visitors visiting your website then monitors and analyzes their online behavior
  • Connect data about your customers from CRM with their online activity
  • Tracking the history of customer’s visits:
    – URL-s
    – Time spent on each URL
    – Date and time of visit
    – Visit sources
  • See people visiting your website even if you don’t have their contact data in CRM
  • Save history of sites displayed by your anonymous visitors and connect it with their profiles anytime you identify them

Behavioral Profiles Insight

  • Use extended information on customer’s interest in your products to precisely measure customer preferences and build more accurate recommendations
  • Building precise behavioural profiles based not only on URL-s visited but on all customer interactions with the website or a product
  • Place special markers on your store to report custom interactions specific to your product page and list
  • Track when customer:
    – Changes product size
    – Displays next product image
    – Changes search filters
    – Looks for products with specific attributes (categories, brands, colors, etc.)
    – Scrolls down the page and displays specific content
  • Analyze the list of most attractive products and types of interactions the customer makes in your store for each contact in the database

360° Customer View

  • Integrate all data sources that collects data about your contacts and present them in a single customer view that combines behavioral, transactional and demographic data
  • Comprehensive data about:
    – Overal contact profile and timeline of it’s activities
    – List of attributes assigned to a contact
    – List of transactions
    – Every visit made on website
    – Entire communication history
    – Daily and hourly activity statistics
    – List of consents
    – Al-based CLV, purchase and churn prediction
    – Preferred communication channels
  • Contact current scoring and dynamics of its growth
  • List of segments in which contact belongs with scoring gathered in each segment

Customer Segmentation

  • Create comprehensive, multi-dimensional customer segmentation based on the data stored on their 360° profiles
  • Apply demographic segmentation to select recipients of your campaigns based on their age, gender, location, etc.
  • Utilize behavioral segmentation to automatically tag contacts based on their website activity. Track what products, categories, brands, etc. they are interested in, and how they react to your marketing campaigns
  • Use transactional segmentation to group similar customers based on their purchases and track what products they bought, from what categories, brands, etc.
  • Automatically increase the scoring of each tag assigned to your contacts to measure their engagement and interest in different parts of your offer
  • Analyze the size of each segment in your database

Dynamic Segments

  • Use deep data on transactions and visits in your store to create extremely precise customer segments and use them in your campaigns
  • Use detailed data on:
    – Visit sources
    – Transaction details
    – Transaction sources
    – Transaction statistics
    – Contact tags
    – Contact details
  • Freely combine different criteria to target specific groups of users without external Bl system or IT support
  • Immediately verify amount of customers who meet selected criteria
  • Analyze how the sizes of dynamic segments change in time

Loyalty Program

  • Engage and increase retention and LTV of your customers with highly customizable loyalty programs seamlessly integrated with all CDP data and executed with automated omnichannel communication
  • Create your own gamification and reward programs to effectively support your customer’s buying cycle
  • Go beyond transactions in creating your loyalty program and use data about customer behaviour like website activities and any behavior tracked by the CDP, such as opened emails, filled forms, read articles, etc.
  • Use data from loyalty program in advanced omnichannel workflows to create unique Customer Experience and increase customer engagement and revenues of your marketing campaigns
  • Analyze the effectiveness of loyalty program by measuring how your customers are progressing across different program tiers and how different customer segments defined in loyalty program are contributing to your overall revenue

Increase revenue

Discover hidden business opportunities by consolidating all customer data and improve omnichannel engagement by building trust in your customer profile.

Build trust and reduce compliance risk

Understand how customers want to engage with your company, while reducing compliance risks, through an enterprise data privacy and governance foundation.

Boost acquisition, retention, and loyalty

Enable the right customer data, based on its purpose, and make it available to the right interactive systems in real time for hyper-personalized engagements.

Holistic views of your customer

  • Unify customer data around the underlying identity and understand which business units have customer relationships
  • Connect customer data from CRM to data center with CloudCare365 service
  • Process large volumes of customer data in real time and feed it to other applications

Enterprise data management and security platform

  • Respect data privacy by combining identity data and customer intent
  • Align customer data with data privacy-based interactive systems
  • Address privacy and data governance requirements for all your brands and regions

Dynamic data activation

  • Define unique profile views for marketing use cases and operational use cases
  • Compute attributes for continuous real-time segmentation, object management, and decision-making
  • Push customer data, based on intent, to the right interactive systems in real time

Segment your customers to enhance your campaign results

Provide behavioral segmentation in your marketing strategy, be customer-centric, and focus not only on who your customers are but also on what they do.

Offer A/B testing to find the best way to convert

Perform A/B testing across all digital channels, optimize the customer journey of each unique user, compare them and see which variant drives more conversions.

Make right decisions with actionable data

Based on collected data, easily make the right decisions and optimize your campaigns to achieve the best results.


Leverage channel and time optimization to deliver marketing content perfectly

Thanks to send-time optimization, deliver personalized and timely messages with channels tailored to client’s preferences.

Use product recommendations to improve Customer Experience and increase sales

Fine-tune Customer Experience through their entire lifecycle by using various product recommendation models tailored to their in-depth needs.

Analyze Consumer Behavior to personalize communication

Manage the marketing activities, with a wide range of data and information about your customers you are able to measure and analyze customers’ behavior.

Use AI to predict customer actions

Transform collected data into future predictions. Predictive analytics can help your organization forecast future outcomes based on historical data, analytics techniques, and AI Predictive Analytics.

Provide Omnichannel Customer Experience

Use insights derived from customers’ actions to deliver omnichannel experience.


According to 53% of marketing executives, their CDP can be helpful to attract and understand the needs of existing customers to increase the probability of returning and loyal customers.


73% of marketers believe a Customer Data Platform will be critical to their Customer Experience efforts


44% of organizations find CDPs help drive customer loyalty


Even 90% of customers are willing to share behavioral data if they can get additional benefits to make the shopping cycle cheaper or easier


Over the years, the total volume of events that customers track through the Customer Data Platform has increased by 60%

Unlimited data ingestion capabilities

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