Lead Generation

Qualify more leads automatically and close more deals around the clock with chatbots and live chat language. 

Innovation Product Modernization

We are there to provide you with best solutions related to identification of multiple classes and instances of that Innovation Modernization.

Cognitive Service - Eye

Providing platform for computer vision API to perform
  • Object detection and classification
  • Face recognition and matching
  • Text extraction from identication document (ID, Passport, Driving license)

Customer Engagement

Build a loyal customer base with a 24/7 customer-centric approach to your business. Improve customer satisfaction by speeding up service response with massive support.

AI Chatbot Development

Modernize the way enterprises interact with customers by developing a chatbot with a certain level of intelligence in communication.

Cognitive Service - EQ

Provide platform API to perform conversation analysis to extract realtime customer intention, feeling to recommend a suitable action at timely manner

Customer Support

AI is changing how we’re able to support our customers, whether they’re asking simple questions or trying to make a purchasing decision.

AI Based Engineering

AI based engineering service is providing AI research and development for customer product. With intensive experience on applied AI/ML, we can help customer to define AI project development strategy from data acquistion, bulding model, training and operate.

Identity Verification

With eKYC product, we can help our partners to identify their customers better to ensure the high compliance level and security


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