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Enhance user experience and boost ROI with Conversational AI

Help businesses achieve more with Conversational AI

NamiQ conversational AI is a solution that enables companies to implement superior experiences for internal and external users using omnichannel interaction and business process automation with AI-powered.

Powered by a proprietary NLP/NLU engine that truly understands human language, advanced analysis and evaluation tools, NamiQ willing provides a conversational AI solution for any any enterprise system, enabling a revolutionary new way of working


Enhance user experience with NamiQ Conversational AI

With conversational AI, businesses can provide a more personalized experience for their customers. This is done by using data collected by the AI to understand customer preferences and needs.

Conversational AI can retain customers by providing instant feedback and engaging conversation. This helps build stronger relationships between businesses and customers.

With conversational AI, companies can improve conversational marketing and drive automation. This is done by using AI to understand the needs of the customers and then recommend them the right content.

Conversational AI can provide real-time customer support. This means you can address customer inquiries and complaints as they happen, dramatically improving customer satisfaction.

Conversational AI can help businesses provide faster and more efficient customer service. This is because chatbots can handle a large number of customer requests at the same time. They can also get customers to the right agent, which reduces wait times and operates 24/7/365, a huge advantage for businesses.

Support conversational business automation

Implement conversational automation to capture new business and nurture existing opportunities.

Analyze customer behavior and make recommendations spontaneously according to the right needs and customer segments

The omni-channel conversational layer provides new ways to engage all users.

Boost engagement: Make work easier and provide interaction gateways exactly where users spend time.

NamiQ conversational AI provides better real-time interactions for users and businesses on omni-channel they need it.

NamiQ conversational AI enables a self-service experience that promotes higher NPS and CSAT.

Reduces resource consumption across all processes by enabling conversational AI.

Save time & lower costs: Pass repetitive tasks to AI assistant and allow people to focus on work that matters.


Our Solution Offering​

Integrated Conversational AI to advance customer experience omni-channel seamlessly .
Apply AI-powered solutions to Adapt quickly to optimize the Advisor & store’s Agent performance


Seamless interaction omni-channel and Deep-level personalization in retail is all about creating micro-moments for your customers.


Omni-channel customer services in real-time support. Improve impression of old and loyal customers by the specialized program to increase RVR.


On-demand engagement

Real-time recommendation

Real-time advisory


AI observance and analysis base on behavior & performance​

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